Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wait A Minute!

I just realized I didn't post a blog that I thought I had posted. I was wondering why no one commented! duh! Here are some gems from that post:

Sorry guys, I have been stressing about this guest post I wrote for this blog. If you aren't a follower you should be one! I will let you know if and when they think my post is good enough to go on their site. I was stressing trying to make it funny and it isn't really a funny topic. I felt like I couldn't write here without having that done. But I just emailed it to her so wahoo! I can go back to my regularly scheduled verbal diarrhea (thank you spell check for that one).

Hubby and I had date night Friday night! We used our coupons for Olive Garden (thanks Mom and Dad). I had the new Lasagna Rollata al Forno- Lasagna rolls stuffed with ricotta, mozzarella, asiago, parmesan and romano cheese. Topped with mozzarella and seasoned breadcrumbs, baked in five cheese marinara. In my opinion, the pasta was too chewy. I think the manicotti would have been just as good.

Quotes from Hubby watching the Bachelor Pad preview: "Is Weatherman on this?" "Why is Gia on the show if she has a boyfriend at home?" So excited!

Back to the post I was writing:
Yes folks, it is that time again! Jersey Shore season 2 premiere Thursday night!!!! We are getting our gym, tan, and laundry on and we are making sausage and vegetables. Have you guys noticed that they always make that? Are you going to be watching?!

I wanted to write a long hilarious post but I talked to my bff, Spoon, for like 3 hours instead.

Have you guys gotten those emails that say don't talk on your phone while it is plugged in? Hubby totally believes these emails. You need to know this about me, I NEVER charge my phone. I wait until it makes that weird beep noise and says Low Battery. So I had one bar when I started my 3 hour phone conversation. So obviously it beeped and said plug me in! So I did. Then Hubby freaked out! He was like don't talk on your phone while plugged in!!

And just because Hubby and I are adorable and my friend S's baby is adorable and I know you guys like all things adorable:

*Title- I put my ipod on shuffle and this is the title of the first song that came up. I stole this idea from someone else. It is pretty fun. Anyone know who sings that song?


  1. Def. will be watching Jersey Shore, I love their crazy whorish ways!

  2. I haven't watched JS yet and I'm going to try to not get addicted to it! haha

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  4. I DVR'd JS and watched it last night! looks like a crazy season ahead.