Thursday, May 27, 2010


Since it is auditions right now, I will try and keep it quick.

+Teddy Tedholm-he auditioned in a nerdy yellow outfit last season. Kind of annoying that Adam and Mia are the judges cause they cry way too much!
+1-2-3 Party! They totally stole Hubby's dance moves. Adam had a scary reaction when the guy didn't know who he was.

+Locking/Mime People- He had Nigel on his hat. It was kind of cool but they need to get better outfits and learn how to do choreography.
+Fruit turban person (man?) with the broccoli breasts?
+Dancing with your Dad girl
+Miami not very many good dancers there

+Henry Byalikov-ballroom couple from Broadway
+Daniel Baker-no shirt nuff said

+Sarah Brinson-"big dancer" she was good but hard to partner
+Edward Spots- maroon shorts very feminine but WOW!
+Anthony Burrell-can't remember what he was wearing or anything but he is going to be amazing!

What are they going to do without Mary Murphy? She is the only one that knows ballroom. I like her comments because I know nothing about ballroom!

Pic from Fox


  1. We are going to miss Mary also. Have to go and find out why she isn't there this year.

  2. Wait...where is Mary Murphy going?? Although I am NOT going to miss the Hot Tamale train. Neal got to the point that he would just mute it every time he even sensed that she was going to start screaming. We aren't watching it this season since Neal is going to miss so much of it while he's training in California...but we've seen enough of them so that I can keep up with this, I think. ;)

    And Mia choreographs the sickest routines I've ever seen!!!

  3. The fruit turban man and the dancing with her dad girl just made me feel soooo very uncomfortable. It was especially weird that she didn't find it strange!
    Anyhow, you've got a lovely blog!

  4. I never watched this show before but I saw a few minutes of it yesterday. The 1-2-3 party guy was too funny!

  5. Yay! I'm so glad someone else watched this last night. I was so excited for the new seasons to start. 1-2-3 Party had me crying I was laughing so hard.

    And where has Mary Murphy gone? The show is not going to be the same without her screaming.

    And uhhhh Daniel Baker should consider wearing a shirt like never.

    Found you via Ally @ Magnolias and Mimosas and so glad I did!

  6. I'm a SYTYCD fan and had no idea that the next season had started. I've been watching way too much baseball apparently. BUT....I caught some auditions tonight from LA and Chicago. I've tired of the audition step anyhow, for the most part, so I'm just glad I've been made aware before Vegas and the show starts. :) Yea for summer!