Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday Topic

Topic: These are my favorite tips and tricks for carpet cleaning:

Hubby used Resolve which says on the bottle it is the #1 carpet stain remover to get out a couple tiny stains and now we have these two lovely spots.

Help me!

You don't have to do a whole post if you don't want to. Of course if you want to please feel free.

I'm off to the Padres game!


  1. Oh no! That has never happened when I've used Resolve. Try using just regular soap and water. Or just a damp towel. Or get a rug! HA!!

    Thanks for stopping by/following my blog! I will follow yours as well!

  2. I never had that happen either but I agree with the other girl...have you tried just reg. soap and water yet?