Friday, October 18, 2013

Twin nurseries

   The gender reveal party is tomorrow!!! I am so excited to find out what we are having! I'm sure most people would start planning the nursery once they found out the sex of their babies. I was browsing pinterest a little today. Aren't these twin nurseries adorable?!

   Unfortunately, our twinsies won't be getting a pinterest worthy nursery. Big brother is still using his nursery and I am really against pushing him into anything he isn't ready to do just because we are having a 2nd and 3rd child. I just imagine us being up all night with the twins and Chase coming in our room too because we moved him into a toddler bed. I'm praying if we add another white noise fan to his room adding the twins to our family won't affect his sleep.
   Chase is currently in the smaller of our two extra bedrooms. We have a queen bed in the other room. Our plan was to move him into the room with the queen bed when he was ready.
   Now the plan is to just take things day by day. Chase could decide any day to start climbing out of his crib and of course we would then make the necessary changes. If he stays happy as a clam in his crib then the babies will sleep in a pack and play or two in our room. Then we will go from there. Chase will be 3 a few months after the babies arrive. So we might move him into a big boy room for his birthday if we are all ready.


  1. The nurseries are beautiful. :)

  2. Beautiful nurseries!

    Our plan is to move Landon into our guest room when I get pregnant with baby #2 (I'm def not pregnant now). It's much bigger, and we will make this move once I'm 12ish weeks and know the baby is going to make it. I don't want Landon to think the baby is kicking him out of his room and I want him to have a lot of time to adjust before his new sibling gets here. However, Landon has been in a "big boy bed" since he was 20 months old, so it won't be a huge deal for him. I wouldn't take his crib away if he was using it and screw up a good thing though. One of my friends is having her second baby next month, and she told me yesterday that they decided to just buy a new crib since her son is still sleeping so well in his.