Saturday, October 19, 2013

Today is the day!!!

   I wanted to write down my thoughts and feelings before we find out the sex of the babies in a few hours! This is 99.9% probably the last time I get to experience this. I've said all along that I wasn't in a big hurry to find out the sex of the babies because I like daydreaming about it.
   Will it be two girls? Will Chase go from a boy centered house to a girl centered house? Will I break the bank buying matching twin girl outfits? Will our days be filled with pink and bows and ballet and tutus and princesses?
   Any girl brought into this family will be around a lot of sports. Chase is all about football and baseball already. Hubby is excited to have a foursome to golf with. I'm excited for a whole day to myself someday when they are old enough to golf. I'm guessing day one of bringing the babies home Chase will be telling them to ride the scooter with him or play baseball or ping pong.
   Will it be two boys? Will every window in our house be broken by balls? Will no pillow ever be on the couch? Will there be 3 bikes being ridden around and around while I play "Life is a highway" by Rascal Flatts over and over again? (This might happen with two girls too).
  Will it be one of each? Will Chase get a buddy to rough house with and a sister to protect? Will we get a combination of the things I mentioned above?
   How many weddings will we have to pay for? Will I be a mother-in-law to three girls or one girl and two boys or two girls and one boy? This kind of makes me want a daughter. How dramatic will junior high and high school be?
   It's funny the things people assume I want after they hear I have one boy already. Yes, I think I'm having two boys based on physical symptoms and my hcg levels and comments from the doctor but I also feel like wanting a girl means I don't adore my boy. I tell people I'm totally ok with three boys. I like boys!
   I've had my fleeting thoughts of will I be able to bond with a girl. I think I grew up such a girlie girl that I will be able to and I trust that I will love my babies the minute I see them.
   These two little ones are 99.9% going to complete our family and I look forward to having that completed family feeling. Everything is about to get a lot more real!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures from the party! ;)

  2. Oh I'm so excited for you, can't wait to hear what you're thinking!

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.

  3. Yay! I can't wait for party details and to see your reaction! How fun!