Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chase's phrases at 2.5 years old

   It's been about 9 months since I did a Chase's words post. I honestly wouldn't be able to do a post with all the words he can say now. He is such a little parrot and can repeat just about anything. Which is super fun, most of the time.
   My in-laws were visiting this weekend and my mother-in-law and I were laughing about all of Chase's little sayings. Last night I was thinking I really need to write these down because even though I can't imagine forgetting the things he says to me 100 times a day the truth of the matter is I may forget.
   This summer Chase learned the phrase, "What are you doing?". Oh my goodness. He had to know what everyone was doing, even inanimate objects. It made our four hour car ride to Monterey super fun. Remember when you could put the kid in the car and they would fall asleep instantly? Yeah, not any more. This summer he asked us what we were doing every 2 seconds for four hours! If you were in the room with him he would ask you what you were doing. If you moved he asked you what you were doing.
   Shortly after he picked up the phrase, "I miss it!". He now misses a lot of things. His super ball? "I miss it!" This weekend he said, "I want my milk! I miss it!" So dramatic and stinkin' cute!
   Last week he saw his friend and said, "I haven't seen you all day!". Now he'll spend the day with me and still say, "Mama, I haven't seen you all day".
   His latest fun phrase is, "What happened?". So now he says, "What are you doing?" Then after you answer him he says, "What happened?". It was tough coming up with responses to what are you doing. Sometimes I was just sitting. Now I have to come up with what happened. Kid really makes you think!
   He has also picked up the lovely word stupid. Everyone warned me there would be a word he picked up that I would not enjoy hearing come out of his sweet face and yep it happened. I am trying to pretend I think he is saying super. I'm hoping maybe he will just start saying super instead. It is kind of funny but I don't laugh because I want it to go away! It's funny that it comes out when he is playing ball. If he misses the ball he'll say stupid. He even said, "Come on, stupid". To me one time. Oh, toddlers!
   He is pretty into football now. He knows Sunday is football day. He loves to watch football and often asks to watch baseball and the Dodgers. I had to tell him last night that the Dodgers won't be on until next spring! He is so funny when he is watching the games he repeats everything we say and lately has just been yelling, "Come on!" or "Yeah, baby!" at the tv randomly.
   We laugh every day at the things he says. I can't believe how he can have conversations with people now. Especially phone conversations. He used to just listen when people talked to him. He now answers their questions. I was talking to my mom the other day and told Chase to say hi Nana and she couldn't believe it was him he sounded so old. He's growing up so fast!
   I guess I should include some of the funny things he says to the babies. From the very beginning of my pregnancy he has said I love you to the baby (and babies when we found out there were two) and given kisses. He of course also uses his favorite phrases with the babies. "Babies, I haven't seen you all day!" "I miss you babies". One time he asked the babies if they helped Dada. We are working on him calling them by name. If I tell him one of their names he knows the other one. He knows where in my belly each one is and tells them he loves them and gives them kisses. I love that he already has such a strong bond with them.


  1. I was just talking to my friend Meghan the other night and we were laughing about how when my, now 15 yr old, daughter was almost 2 she would hound her asking "Meme a doing?" and as soon as Meghan would give a good answer she would say "Oh" and then ask again, and again and again. Kids are so funny!

  2. I love it when kids start to put words together! It's amazing how much they catch on to. My 3 1/2 year old mimicks us A LOT! We don't use any obscene four letter words in our house, but things like 'Oh Man' or 'Darn', she'll repeat, and even use it correctly, lol! Ah, kids :)

  3. What a treasure you are leaving by writing about this. My kids often ask me questions about when they were little and often I can't remember.

  4. Great idea to write things down....we soon forget those words! Love this!

  5. I love how kids decide to pick up specific phrases and they always use them when it fits perfectly even if they don't know it, I swear. Thanks for the laugh tonight!

    Britni @ Play. Party. Pin.