Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What we've been up to! I'll give you a hint, it isn't folding laundry!

I felt like updating you all on what we have been up to instead of folding laundry today.
  • I took Chase to parent/tot pool time at an indoor pool here in town today. Chase loved watching the other kids swimming. He was a little unsure at first and then went down the slide and we practiced all the things he learned at swimming lessons. We will be going back next month. I'm afraid he will develop a fear of the pool in the cool winter and spring months so I want to take him to the indoor pool every once in awhile.
  • I painted the, "No one will ever know the strength of my love for you..." quote on the canvas. I need to figure out how to do the ribbon so I can hang it.
  • Chase is no longer allowed to play on the computer.

  • Chase is still adorable and a big helper!

  • I'm still kicking butt in our fantasy league!

  • The toothpaste was missing for 3 days (don't worry we had back ups). Chase pulled it out of my dresser drawer.
  • Chase is due for another haircut.

  • Chase has been a little sick and his molars might have been bugging him but he was having a tough time going to bed the other night. Like after an hour I told Hubby it was his turn, bad. Once he was finally asleep I settled down on the couch and checked facebook. My friend from college posted a link to this blog. Immediately I felt bad for losing my patience with Chase. As I kept reading I think I said something out loud and Hubby asked what I was reading so I shared it with him. We both felt so awful for this family. Then as I was reading the blog I recognized a face. I realized that the mother of this sweet boy was a former roommate of my friend from college and I literally just broke down in tears. For some reason when it is someone you have had drinks with that was always very sweet to you, it just hits you a little harder. They have been on my mind and heart and in my prayers since I found out. Jacob went to Heaven last week. He won't ever be forgotten and has changed a lot of lives.
  • This post is no longer true. TMI? Probably.
  • We took pics for our Christmas cards and they turned out so cute! I just adore my little family!


    1. Chase is just so sweet! Miss you guys! Love the picture of all 3 of you.

    2. Aww! I love the photo! So cute.

    3. I love the photo, so adorable! :)

    4. He's such a cutie! I wish I was doing that well in my fantasy league. I just need to give up.

    5. Haha, I love that you're kicking but in Fantasy league!!

    6. Such a cutie, and go girl...look at you whipping the boys!!

    7. Such a cute picture. I also have to play hunt and find for somethings in our house. ;)