Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rotating toys 18 month old

Some of you might remember my original post about rotating toys for Chase. Super mom and blog friend, Jen. Recently discovered the joy of toy rotation. We are both obsessed with the little stories blog and her toy rotation concept! Jen was asking me for advice on twitter which I love btw and it motivated me to reorganize.

I've been home with Chase for 2 weeks so things have gotten unorganized. My dad is watching him tomorrow and rain is predicted so I figured I better rotate the toys so they have "new" fun stuff to do tomorrow.

Things have changed a little from my first post too. In my first post Chase had a play area at every level of our tri level house. Now he pretty much hangs out on the main level. I recently cleared out the cabinet underneath our tv so there would be a place to put all his toys away. We try to make time after dinner and before bath for toy clean up time. Trying to get him in the habit now!

Since I hadn't rotated toys for a couple weeks a lot of the toys had migrated to the main level. So pickings were a little slim. Here's what he will wake up to tomorrow:

The top shelf is books. On the left are the 4 board books we checked out from the library the last time we were there. I always get 4 that way I know how many to search for when it is time to return. I put a couple board books and one regular paged book. I have to make sure my dad knows to watch Chase with the regular book so pages don't get ripped. Boys! Underneath that shelf is the thinking toys. A shape shorter, puzzle and connecting block things. Under that is the moving shelf a turtle that makes noise with balls in it, a basketball and that big thing on the ground is kind of like a keyboard. Bottom shelf is pretending toys a tractor, construction truck ramp, and a bear.

In the picture below you can kind of see where the cabinet is. It is under the tv.

Jen also asked for advice about storing the out of rotation toys. We have cabinets next to our bed and the one on my side of the bed is dedicated to the out of rotation toys. Top shelf is thinking toys (blocks, stacking rings, puzzles). Middle shelf is moving toys (bats, balls, musical toys). It also has some random stuff like my breast pump and a box of kleenex. Bottom shelf is books and pretending toys (stuffed animals, tool box, groceries, hats, a phone).

See, it is next to the bed. Most of his books are in here and I sometimes have that chair in there for me to put things away and Chase will get on it and pick out books to read in bed.
He is alseep right now so I'm not going to go in his room and take a picture of his bookshelf. We have two books from the library a mother goose book and a king arthur book along with two books we own on it. Those are his bedtime books that he gets to pick from to red before bed. Let me know if you have any questions on toy rotation or book rotation!


  1. hahah. i love the breast pump and box of kleenex. i so wish i could be as organized as you =) my house is like a zoo. just stopping by a day early from the mommy brain mixer we are co-hosting together =) thought id say hello!! is email the only way to follow you or do you have twitter or anything?

  2. nevermind. your gfc was missing when i first came here..but its back on which means im back on... but do you have a twitter? lol

  3. I love the idea of toy rotation, I should definitely do that with my son's toys, he has so many that I think he gets overwhelmed.
    I'm a new follower from the Mommy Brain Mixer, looking forward to reading more from you.

  4. Hey lady! I love this idea of toy rotation. My little is just about 14 months old and she easily gets bored of her toys. She received so many from her birthday parties that we're saving some for Christmas. I think days with her might be just THAT much easier if I started in on this concept. Thanks for sharing!

    New follower from the Mixer :) Come by and check out my blog...I'd love to meet you!