Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blank Canvas

I have blank canvas that I'm itching to paint. I think I'm going to paint something for the nursery. I can't decide if I should make it as a permanent nursery painting or as a painting for Chase.
I love this quote and was thinking of doing this for the permanent nursery painting. I'm struggling with what colors to do. The nursery is blue, brown and beige right now. If we have another boy it will be green, brown, and beige. If we have a girl it will be pink, brown and beige. I don't want to put pink on a painting in case we never have a girl. Brown and beige might be boring. Thoughts?

This is a line from the song that reminds me of my pregnancy with Chase. The title is Stuck Like Glue which I have also seen painted on wood in a store and wanted.


  1. I love that quote too. There is a cute print of it on Etsy I want to get. I just hate that it's not framed and it would cost more to do that.

  2. green goes with pink so make it neautral like green and it will go in a girl or boy room!