Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips and Tricks Tuesday 1st bday party edition

Tips and Tricks Tuesday

This week I wanted to give some advice on throwing a 1st birthday party. We went to a few and I wanted to share what was fun.

Honestly, having a lot of things for the kids to do was the most fun. We went to one party where there was a swing, a water table, a sand box, and the pool. Chase was running back and forth playing with the water table and balls. They also had a bounce house and a trampoline but Chase wasn't too into those. The older kids were.

A lot of one year olds take two naps a day so lunch time is when the parties are usually held. Try to get the lunch served pretty quickly.

At Chase's party we ate lunch and then did cake and presents right after.

I liked when there was a theme. We went to one party that was just kind of random and it wasn't as fun as the theme parties.

My pal Brittany was pinning some mustache birthday party stuff and I wanted to share an acquaintances bday blog post. I had to search forever to find these for you my friend! Part 1 Part 2 These may intimidate you. She's a real person, I've met her. She is a stay at home mom though. Looked like everyone had a blast!

Our favorite party was bug themed. They had all kinds of cute bug snacks and the sandbox was dig for bugs. Very cute.

But the most important thing is to enjoy the time you have with your friends and family celebrating your one year old! I wrote this post with some advice right after we had Chase's party.

What advice would you give someone throwing a 1st birthday party? What was your 1 year old's birthday party theme? Write a post, grab my button, and link up!



  1. PLAN AHEAD :) Thats my advice. We started working on it Way in advance and so the costs didnt all come at once either- it was little by little so it didnt seem like a big hit at once. And the theme was Dr. Seuss and there were lots of activities for kids of all ages, including the lake ;)

  2. We have a polka dot/pastel theme. Is that a theme? Haha! I'm serving a bunch of treats and sandwich wraps. Oh and my friend is lending me her bounce house. Not sure what else to do to entertain kids!

  3. Ooh a bug theme sounds so cute!

  4. I just did a post on first birthday planning and sibling jealousy! I am getting ready to post my daughter's 1st birthday.

    Newest follower from Mommy Brain Mixer. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can ;)

  5. I haven't done any kind of kid part because the idea is too daunting lol. Following you from the mommy brain mixer :)