Thursday, August 16, 2012

I thought things would be different

Most of you know that a year and a half ago we moved back to Northern California. Hubby and I both grew up in Nor Cal and went to college here. After college the hubs got a job in Southern California. We lived there for 4 years.

I wouldn't trade those sunny 70 degree days for anything. During those 4 years Hubby proposed, we got married, and I got knocked up.

That being said, I was unhappy, A LOT.

I'm an only child that wanted to move away from my parents more than anything my senior year of high school. I even told them they weren't allowed to move closer to where I was going to school. I think I was away from there for a day before I quickly realized how much I depended on them and talked to my parents on the phone almost every day.

I supported Hubby's decision to accept the job in So Cal for many reasons. We also had no idea the economy would crash and he would be lucky to hold on to the job he accepted. It wasn't supposed to be 4 years.

While we were living so far away from our families I fantasized about what it would be like when and if we ever moved back. Now that we have been back for a year and a half I've been hit with reality.

We spent a lot of weekends alone in So Cal. We missed out on family get together, birthdays, and holidays.

As I typed that I was reminded of the family reunion, bridal shower, and friends dinner that kept us super busy last weekend. I started to think maybe I should stop complaining.

I get to see my parents a ton. Chase is close with all four of his grandparents and his aunt and uncle. I wouldn't trade that for anything. That's why we are here. But, there are a few people that I thought I would see more often that I don't see and it makes me sad.

When we were on vacation, we visited our former employer. One of the guys we worked with said I looked different. I thought maybe different hairstyle or the whole had a baby thing but as we were driving away it hit me that I look different because I am happy! The last few months I was working there I don't think I talked to anyone very much. I was keeping two huge secrets! Hubs was trying to get a job transfer and I was preggo!

I guess I should stop letting things like people I don't get to see bum me out and let the things like having a dinner mid week with my mom and Chase cheer me up!


  1. Great post!!! It is always nice being closer to family.

  2. I love this! It's definitely hard to be away from family but it makes the time together that much sweeter. So glad you're in a happier place now!

  3. It's nice being closer to family. I'm happy that when me and Big Man start having little ones, they'll have cousins to play with.