Friday, February 18, 2011


Have you seen what is going on with the original Teen Moms? I saw this picture on the cover of in touch. I guess Farrah AND Maci got implants. The mag says Amber's most recent ex, some guy named Clinton claims she is addicted to pills.

While researching this post I found out Kailyn from Teen Mom 2 and her son were in a car accident. No one was hurt she ran into the back of someone.


  1. whoa! Those are some boobs!
    Amber- Um, her dad was an addict so I am not surprised by her. She was so bad.

  2. Yeah...that is def. a boob job right there.

  3. ewww those girls are so nasty now, especially Amber...I feel so bad for her little daughter :(

  4. Holy smokes....I hadn't seen this. I guess that instead of using the $$ from Teen Mom fame to help their kids the moms are helping themsleves....GO FIGURE!! :(