Sunday, February 27, 2011

The end to our marriage?

Some of you might watch Tori and Dean and know that I have kind of bought into his theory that King beds are marriage enders. His theory is that Queen beds force you to cuddle.

Well, due to a hole in our air mattress we are now owners of a Cal King!

After two people slept on our air mattress and told us they had to inflate it again in the middle of the night we knew it was time. Well, I told Hubby to put the mattress in the pool so we could find the hole. I knew my in laws that stay here frequently would want to stay here even more once the baby comes and I couldn't have our guests sleeping on an air mattress.

Plus our favorite store on the planet had a great deal on beds. We bought our bed at Costco! We got a Sealy Posturpedic for about $300 or $400 less than other places. It did fall off of our friend's truck on the drive home but it is a fighter and didn't get ran over!

We went with a Cal King for various reasons. We are both tall and with this big ol belly I have right now we need room! Honestly after seeing it in our room Hubby was also right that we needed a bigger bed.

To save some cash our in laws provided us with bedding. So I would have posted a picture but I will some day when I get the master bedroom exactly the way I want it. The baby in my belly will probably be like 10 when that happens! They brought the bedding down this weekend so we just got to sleep on it for the first time last night!

I would say if you are considering a Sealy Posturpedic and personally I think you should be while Costco has them! It is a deal! It might be more firm than some people would like. It will probably get softer so starting firm is a good thing, we think. It is also perfect for me sleeping on my side with a big belly. I was so comfortable last night! Hubby likes the bed too. I think you might even be able to get up without disturbing the other person which would be awesome if I could feed the babe without waking Hubs up.

I thought it was cute that Hubby and I were pretty much as close as we normally are in the Queen. Because I have to sleep with a pillow between my legs to avoid leg cramps, cuddling isn't really possible. We fall asleep holding hands. Aww aren't we cute! So hopefully Dean is wrong and we will be cute and holding hands forever. I've also heard some people say having a King is good when you have kids. Let me just put this on the Internet now, I'm not letting the kids sleep with us. I am looking forward to the little one waking us up on weekend mornings by jumping in the bed with us. I feel like such a grown up now that we have a big bed!


  1. I would like a Cal king myself....we cuddle in our queen, and I think we would still do it on that and if not I could always get a body pillow that :)

  2. This is cute. We are getting a new bed when we move, but we're going from a full to a queen! I can't wait!

  3. MY BIL and SIL got a king size bed when she was pregnant with the twins- they needed the space!
    I slept in a twin bed all through college and even after college until I was married, so Queen seems like a king to me :) Enjoy your new bed and bedding :)

  4. I just got a king this weekend, and we are in LOVE! We got ours from Sams and then we bought a Vera Wang mattress pad... OMG I HIGHLY recommend it! It was 50% off too at Kohls

  5. Ooh, if our room was big enough, we'd totally have a king bed. My 20 pound dog takes up half of our queen! LOL

  6. We have a Queen bed now and don't cuddle while sleeping, I like my space! So I really want a King sized bed, especially now that the dog sleeps with us....she is only 12 pounds but still manages to take up a ton of room!

  7. You know DVR twin I feel super special that you consulted me on the title of this post. I heart you!

  8. Awe. I love falling asleep holding hand with my husband, too. It's a good feeling. :)

  9. First of all I love them and their show! I kinda have to agree with him on this one though!