Sunday, September 26, 2010

Trying some new things.

Yesterday when making the grocery shopping list we wanted to pick a new recipe to try. I think we forgot we had the William and Sonoma Weeknight Cook cookbook. So we busted it out. We decided to try Spiced Chicken and Rice on Sunday night. It has ginger, lemon, and curry seasoning. I know Uncle Chris, are you surpised I tried it? It was a fail. Hubby didn't like it. I wasn't much of a fan either. I might have tried to like it if he liked it.

The menu for the rest of the week is as follows:
Monday: chicken salad
Tuesday: calzones
Wednesday: Ravioli- we are trying the chicken and mozerella ravioli from Costco
Thursday: TACOS
Friday: baked potatoes with grilled onions- they were SO good last week!
Saturday: manicotti- I was surprised when Hubby mentioned having it again when we were at the store. I love me some pasta!


  1. At least you tried some new stuff! That the problem I have, I get stuff and then never eat it!

  2. At least you tried it! I don't think my hubby would like it either. He's not a curry fan.

    We had calzones last night....YUM! Looks like a good menu.