Thursday, September 2, 2010

My genius facebook theory

My friend that had met his soulmate. They were perfect for each other and never fought posted this on his facebook. "Hi gorgeous. I hope your having a wonderful day at work. I love you so much!!" Two weeks later they broke up.

"Your amazing and I love you:)" Posts like these appear cute and nice.

What you may or may not know is that these usually happen after a fight.

My friend S and I always talk about what people post on facebook. I was telling her about a fight I witnessed between a couple one day and she said, "All I see on facebook are all these lovey posts."

That was when our theory was formed. When we started thinking about it we realized this happens a lot. That first post, I commented on it saying "our theory is that cutesy couple posts like that are from couples that just had a fight. And when someone posts my gf/bf is the best or whatever stupid stuff as their status update too. Problem relationships. But you know I am sickened by how perfect for each other you guys are and that you are just that cute. But you love my theories."

Imagine my shock when I found out they weren't so perfect for each other.

But I was proud that my theory held up.

So stop posting that stuff on facebook. We all know you just got in a fight! Plus S now thinks its bad luck too.


  1. I totally agree with this theory. I also think the lovey posts are for couple's that have serious insecurity issues. Declaring your love on facebook (unless you are in junior high) and acting like you have the perfect relationship is lame!

  2. I must argue because I post cute things on Chads wall and its NEVER after a fight...its just when Im thinking about him and we havent talked much that day.

  3. You are onto something here! I get so weirded out when I see couples posting things like that to each other. Especially when they live together or are married. Like, really? You need to put "I love you" on FB? Don't you see each other every day, can't you just say I love you in person? So,yeah, your theory totally makes sense. They are trying to smooth things over after a fight.

  4. I agree with both sides of this story. I think if you are obsessively putting stuff on your facebook about how awesome your significant other is...than yes. That's lame and you may be hiding something. But my hubs and I will every once and a while write "I love you" on each other's walls and it won't be after a fight. But I do like your theory. Those couples that won't even text each other, but JUST write on their wall...yah. Pick up the phone!! :)

  5. hahah good theory. I think that's true for some people. Some times im just in a good mood and will do it. Or if he does something nice for me I'll write something on there.

    I definitely think it's true for a lot of people though. I have friends that are horrible for each other but they always act like they are perfect on facebook.

  6. Good theory...I can def. see the logic in that : )

  7. haha. My husband doesnt use facebook so I cant test this theory on he is very private (YOu can imagine what he thinks of me with FB and A BLOG!) haha.
    I will keep my eye out for this kind of stuff going on.

  8. haha! that is just too funny. i totally agree with your theory!

  9. I have to agree with you. It's a great theory... really great. The people that do that are INDEED people whos relationships are in a state of disarray. I know this because my wifes brother and his wife fight ALL THE FREAKIN' time... and post that crap on FB all the time! They aren't fooling us.

    Nice blog... nice page... I'll be back. Came here from "Venus vs. Mars"

  10. The funny thing is that you never know what is going on behind closed doors. People like to pretend that all is well in their land, and then you find out later that - OH WAIT, not so much. It's one thing that drives me nuts with blogs (and I was guilty of this a few years ago). You write how in love you are, and how great everything and then *bang* it's over.

    I hate the sugar coating crap, and I know that I definitely wouldn't be posting on S's wall if I wanted to say something nice to him EVER. He is my boyfriend. I can email him. Or text him.

    It's just trying to proclaim to the world that everything is GREAT.
    I don't get it.

    Not saying that EVERYONE is like this - but I too, have seen it more than once.

    PS - it's almost been an entire year that I have been off of facebook and I am SO happy that S and I BOTH made that decision!

  11. I refuse to put my relationship status on there. I never change it from single. I feel that would be the kiss of death.

  12. Hahahahaha couple I KNOW is on edge right now just proclaimed their love on facebook lol love your theory!!!

    I do agree with other commenters though, posting that crap all the time shows insecurity. I'd rather tell my bf I love him in person, on the phone or if I must, a private text message.

  13. No joke...this really is genius!

  14. I have a GF on there who always posts how much she LOVES her DH. She's kissing up because she gets constantly in trouble from him for flirting on there and IRL with other men. It's really so dang fake, and only idiots think they are being real. So I agree with your theory 10-fold!

  15. HA. that's why i just say 'cheezsamich' instead, so no one knows that i'm really saying i love you and i'm sorry for being a bitch :-) right? riiight???