Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wrapping Closet

   I've mentioned the cleaning guru Flylady before. Well, she recently started a cruising through the holidays missions thing. I'm obsessed. It is day 7 today. You should definitely jump in.
   One of the missions was to get all your wrapping paper together in one place. I had been planning a wrapping closet for awhile. This was the motivation I needed to just do it. Plus Chase was at my parents' and the twins were napping. Here is the final result:

Let's start at the top and go left to right.The basket in the top left has my scentsy scents in it. Then on the shelf is my big tissue paper. I bought a big pack of white tissue paper a couple years ago at the dollar tree. Middle left is all our wrapping boxes. Middle middle in the bag is bags. Under that is one of those 5 drawer organizers from target. See picture below. Next to that is our wrapping paper in a plastic wrapping paper thing from target. On the bottom is extra flooring the owners left and some blinds. Here is the close up of the 5 drawers:

Top drawer has tags, then some more tissue, bows, some small wrap pieces, and more bags on the bottom. It had been on my to do list to find my big NIV study bible and look what I found!

I've already bought and wrapped presents and it isn't even Halloween yet!!

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