Sunday, December 8, 2013

27 weeks

Feeling so blessed to have made it to 27 weeks with twins pretty easily.

I have my glucose test Monday and I'm hoping it goes well. I don't feel like I have gestational diabetes but I am at a higher risk since I'm having twins. Dr.'s appointment Friday and ultrasound on the 17th! The 17th will be 6 weeks since we've seen the boys. The longest stretch since seeing them at 6 weeks. I can't wait to see how they are growing. Just yesterday at the grocery store the woman giving Chase a cookie said, "you are so tiny! I would have never guessed it was twins."

My big boy wanted to get in on the pictures this week. Was hoping to capture a precious pinterest worthy moment where you could see the belly underneath my big boy but his legs are too long!


  1. So cute and soo glad things are going well! I have my glucose test on Wednesday, as well as my ultrasound. The ultrasound I'm looking forward to, but not so much the glucose test! Good luck with yours!

  2. You look amazing! I hope the glucose test goes well.