Sunday, June 16, 2013

Show and Tell Monday: Who I am

I'm linking up with Becky from mrs. to mama today for Show and Tell Monday. The topic today is Who I am.

The subtitle of my blog header kind of says it all. I am a Christian wife and mama that loves photography, party planning, and tries to look put together. Oh, and I love blogging!

I'm reading What's it like to be married to be with some other Christian mom friends and I'm working on my priorities. I can tell you I have spent this nap time editing pictures and blogging instead of cleaning.

I'm obsessed with my 2 year old son. I'll quote my favorite shows here, "I'm going to love you so much that no woman will ever be good enough!" -Monica, Friends

My hubby works his butt of to provide and save for us. He's the saver and I am a reformed spender. Seriously people my Nordstrom card is dusty! Seeing him become a father over the last 2 years has been amazing. Our son is so precious to him and oh they love each other and make each other laugh like no one else.

I'm an only child to two wonderful parents who have been married 33 years. They celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary a few months before we got married. We live 20 minutes away from them and my dad is retired so we get to spend lots of time with both of them.

During the school year Chase gets extra Papa time when I substitute teach 2 days a week to keep that saver Hubby happy. Mostly it is to contribute to my dream car payment.

I have an obsession with Pinterest which has led to over the top parties and a 30x30 fashion challenge.

Oh, I almost forgot! I co host a photography link up Thursdays. This week the theme is Dad. If you took pictures of any dads this weekend you should link up Thursday!

Can't wait to read more about you all!


  1. Stopping over from mrs. to mama. I am trying to be a reformed spender :)

  2. I am NOT a reformed spender. I am a spender. Oops.

    Love this post! I feel like I knew most of those things, but I still like having it all in one post!

  3. I love this! You guys are too cute for words:)

  4. I loved that 30x30 fashion challenge you did!

  5. I'm on an indefinite spending freeze now. I've done too much online shopping lately and we had a budget talk yesterday. Cutting down on groceries too!

  6. I love that 30x30 fashion challenge! I need to try that! thank you for linking up :)