Sunday, May 20, 2012

The little details from Chase's party

As many of you know, I started planning Chase's birthday party when he was about 6 months old. I worked my booty off for several weeks before the party. I wanted to do a post and share the little details.

This banner says "CONCESSIONS" and is above the food table.

The cracker jacks were the party favor for the adults. The baseballs say "Thank you for celebrating Chase's rookie year".

We had a t ball and bases set up for the kids.

Grandma made a cake and I made baseball cupcakes.

I decorated Chase's high chair.

The party was at a park and we brought tons of balls for the kids and adults to play with. The party favor for the kids was baseball bats and balls. 


  1. So cute, it came out awesome girl. :)

  2. You did a great job! I love the baseball theme!

  3. You did a great job! I am starting to work on Max's party. I can't believe how fast this year is flying by!

  4. SOOO CUTE!! You did a great job!

  5. That's basically exactly what I wanted for G's first birthday party. And then my husband forgot all the decorations at home and it was too late to go get them. So you better believe that I am already planning G's 2nd (Mickey Mouse) birthday party. :)

  6. It looks so cute! You did a great job!