Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear 1 year old Chase,

Dear Chase,
   Your daddy and I have wanted to be parents for a very long time. We love kids. I don't think either of us ever expected how much we would love you. On May 1st, 2011 at 1:01pm when you were placed in my arms the tears started streaming down my face like they are now. I kept saying over and over, "he's so cute!". It is on video luckily.
   Every day I am amazed that your dad and I created something so perfect. We are so blessed that you have been such a healthy, happy, adorable little boy.
   You got your height from both of your parents. People always tell me how tall you are!
   People always tell us how beautiful your eyes are. You got them from your daddy. Last week when we were at Target with Grandpa Tom he said, "You have the prettiest blue eyes. You keep those until high school and I'll teach you how to get all the girls". I don't think you will have any problem with that. You are already a total flirt and know how adorable you are.
   Your smile is another favorite of ours. The other day when I was buying your birthday card the woman at the store said, "his whole face lights up when he smiles". I love that you smile at everyone. I hope you continue to do this.
   We love your laugh. You think everything daddy does it hilarious!
   You are our little comedian. You will do anything for a laugh. If you do get a laugh you will do it over and over again. Go crazy!
   It has been decided you get your coordination from me. You shocked us all when you started crawling at 8 months. After that you were quickly trying to pull yourself up and walk. Everyone warned us that once you were walking we were in trouble. For us the hard part was when you were pulling yourself up and falling down. We love that you are able to get around on your own now.
   I'm sure you are well aware that you are not the best sleeper. I'm not ever going to let your forget these last 12 months of no sleep! You are lucky that your daddy works so hard so mommy can stay home with you. In the beginning, I think you were awake a lot because you were a big hungry boy. Now, I think your poor teeth are hurting you. You are also lucky you are so cute!
   Learning to eat food has been an adventure this year. At first you loved anything made by Gerber. I wanted to make your food for you and you eventually got used to it. Then you decided you didn't want me to feed you any more. You started out only liking snack foods and bread. Then you ate pears and mandarins. Lately you have been trying more foods. You love zucchini!
   I feel so lucky that you are such a good baby. I love that we are still able to take you to restaurants.
   Right now your persistance and determination can sometimes be a struggle. I like that you know what you want and you go for it but you need to listen when we tell you no. I promise I will only tell you no if it is something dangerous!
   I have been the only one that has put you to sleep this year. At times it has been hard but now I'm soaking up every minute of it!
  We have had a lot of adventures this year. I know you won't remember anything from this year, but I hope when you look back at pictures you see how much you were loved. You are a lucky boy that has a lot of people that love you.

Picture of Chase right when they placed him in my arms.

Picture of Chase and I at his birthday party.


  1. He looks even more grown up in that picture than any other recent one you've posted. Happy Birthday to Chase! And to you, well you've done a wonderful job as his mama! He's lucky to have you!

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  2. So sweet! Happy Birthday Chase!

  3. Oh my word, I can't believe how big he has got over the last year. He looks like such a big boy now.

  4. What a sweet letter, so much to remember that first year.

  5. Aww so sweet!! Happy Birthday, little man!!

  6. What a wonderful post!! Hope Chase man had a great birthday :D