Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Can't believe I am posting this photo!

If we are friend on facebook, which we should be, click here to like my page if we aren't, you might have seen that I've started substitute teaching again.

On Friday, I was in a 5th grade class. I always see myself in the freckle faced little girls. There was one on Friday kind of flirting with a boy and I had to think back to remember if girls liked boys in 5th grade. It feels like just yesterday I myself was in 5th grade and had a crush on a boy in my class.

While they were working, I thought about how things that seem so important at that age and in high school really don't matter at all.

This is a picture of me in probably 3rd or 4th grade with my uncle. I had a very tragic and lengthy awkward phase. I wish I could go back and tell this diva in a jumpsuit how much she has to look forward to.

When you go away to college, it really is such a fresh start. I think if I could give advice to kids in middle school or high school I would tell them to make lots of friends. As long as you have that skill in college I think you do ok. Oh, and maybe pay attention to some of the stuff the teacher is talking about so you can pass the classes in college too.

I've mentioned here before that I met Hubby through a mutual friend in college. If I hadn't talked to some girls in my biology class I might not have ever met him. When I met him he didn't care if I was the homecoming queen or the teacher's pet in high school. I showed him that picture above and he knew right away he had to marry me! (Just kidding)

I would tell that little girl, make lots of friends, find things you love to do, work towards your goals and along the way prince charming will show up. He will be everything you have ever wanted in a husband and father to your children and so handsome. He will take a leap of faith and a great job offer and move to San Diego. You will accomplish your goal of getting a teaching credential even though the last 6 months of the program will be some of the hardest times of your life because you are away from the love of your life.

With some encouragement he will ask you to move to San Diego to live with him. You will live in a tiny 600 sq ft apartment, make some lifelong friends, build closer relationships with old friends, and spend time with his family. He will need more encouragement to one day buy you the ring of your dreams. He will make you wait for a few months and then on Valentine's day he will take you for a walk on the beach and get down on his knee and ask you to be his wife!

You will plan the most amazing day of your life when you walk down the aisle to him and become his wife. Then you will take an unforgettable honeymoon! After the honeymoon, when you decide you are ready for a baby, there will be some tough months. But those two little lines and the words pregnant will appear on those sticks!

After 4 years in San Diego away from your families in Northern California, Hubby will hear about a job opening. You will pray and plan and hope and then all of your dreams really will come true. You will move back to Northern California and find out that you are having the little boy you always wanted. You will be able to buy a home that is so much nicer than the 600 sq ft apartment you started your marriage out in. You will be blessed with the most adorable, happy, healthy baby boy that turns your whole world upside down in an instant.

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  1. You are looking fierce in that tracksuit....love it :)