Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For my birthday I get a 9 month old!!!

Yep, my baby and I were both born on the 1st of the month! I love that!

It has been a tough month!

After Chase got better from his first cold, he celebrated new years eve with his grandma. Then his top teeth started coming in. They are big and they hurt him BAD! We were giving him tylenol at night to help but it didn't help much. After 5 nights of him being in pain I called the advice nurse. She had me bring him in to make sure there was nothing else wrong, which there wasn't. Then Chase got sick again! I had a tickle in my throat for several days and when I would try to sleep it would bug me and I would end up coughing. We think Chase caught this but it was a bad cough for him. After a couple days he was making this weird grunting whining noise all day and night and only sleeping for an hour at a time. I again called the advice nurse and they had me bring him in again. This time he had to do a breathing treatment and get a chest x ray. He had bronchitis. So scary. He's all better now. At the end of the virus he got a rash too. This month we have felt like it has been one thing after another!

I should have put the swing picture in this collage and the breathing treatment picture in the other one, oh well. Even though Chase has had a rough month he is still our happy smiley boy. It amazes me that he can still achieve milestones like cruising and going up the stairs when he is not feeling good. Our little man is so anxious to be a big boy. He just wants to walk and feed himself. The feeding himself thing has been a whole other battle!

Chase has been so lucky to have his uncle living with him this month. We need to get more pictures of them together. This has also meant more time with his favorite auntie. Chase has also got to spend lots of time with his Nana and Grandpa!

Like I mentioned before, he's cruising while holding onto the coffee table and in his pack and play. He has 4 teeth! He is making all kinds of crazy noises and his voice sounds like the kid from the shining. Mostly he says DADA! He makes a clicking noise with his tongue on the rough of his mouth a lot. He loves playing peekaboo. He was all about waving to everyone for about a week.


  1. He's such a cutie! Happy birthday to you my friend :D

  2. Sounds like the life we've been having lately! Colds and teething! Glad to hear Chase is feeling better. Happy Birthday to and and Chase :)

  3. that video is sOOO cute! hahah
    AND how did he get so sicK? Is he around other kids now? poor little guy :(

  4. Awe! Happy Birthday to you and Chase!!!

  5. Happy birthday! Chase is so cute!

  6. He is just adorable!! :) Happy Birthday!

  7. I can't believe he's already 9 months old!! Happy Birthday!!