Friday, December 9, 2011

Let's talk about Glee!

To get Rubber Duckie out of my head last night I tried to remember what songs they sang on Glee this week. Man in the mirror was stuck in my head all night. How great was Man in the mirror?!

I have to admit I was crying at the end. Glad the girls are back!

What did you think of Lindsay from the Glee project's appearance this week? I had been thinking geez Damian has gotten to be on the show a lot and then up pops Lindsay.

I loved the Glee project but I do not love seeing the contestants on the show! Is that weird? Anyone else with me? I think because we got to know them on a reality show it's hard to believe them on the show. Or maybe they aren't great actors like Stephen Colletti. Don't you forget he was on Laguna Beach when you are watching OTH?!

Did any of you not watch Glee project? Do you know which people are from Glee project? Do they bug you too?

Gotta say I really don't think I'll be watching once Finnchel leave!


  1. I don't think I will watch once Finnchel leaves either. Lea Michele's voice is what I look forward to the most!

  2. Man in the mirror was GOOD! I also really enjoyed their version of Red Solo Cup and We Are Young! :)
    I didn't watch the Glee Project... :S

  3. I watched the Glee Project and couldn't stand Lindsey on it, so I really hate seeing her on the actual show now! I love Damian and Sam.

  4. i never watched the glee project!! can i be honest and say i can't stand lea michele?! dont hate me!