Thursday, December 1, 2011

This isn't funny anymore. I do not have a 7 month old.

What Chase has been up to during his 6th month of life:

Chase got to eat food! We started with avocado. He gagged. We tried homemade green beans. He gagged. We tried gerber green beans and he was a happy boy. He got used to the homemade stuff. He has now had green beans, sweet potatoes, peas, pears, and prunes.

We went to his cousin Luke's 4th birthday spiderman party. The party favor was a golf club and now one of Chase's favorite toys.

We also went to Apple Hill.

We took our first professional pictures as a family and they turned out super cute!

Chase had his first Thanksgiving!

Chase got to drink from a sippy cup for the first time! We probably don't need to go into the details of why he needed juice :)

He started sucking his left thumb a lot. Then he stopped doing it as much. The other day I put him in his crib and he cried a little and then sucked his thumb. Surprised me but made me happy!

In the last few days Chase has really started babbling. We took him Christmas shopping at Target and the whole time he was going, "bababa".

Chase got his first tooth!! I think the second one is in or will be soon.

Chase watched us decorate our house for Christmas. So special that we will be spending our first Christmas as a family for the first time in this house. Does that make sense? It's all new here.

Chase got to go with us to a restaurant and was such a good big boy in his high chair!

He started reaching for me when I go to pick him up! It's my favorite!

He started getting up on his knees and rocking. I thought he would start crawling this month but he does a couple scoots and belly flops.

Chase's aunt let us borrow his cousin's walker. It took him a little while to figure out how to go forward but he is fast now! I have to run to keep up with him! We also play a little walker bowling for fun.

I'm pretty sure he knows his name now. He definitely looks at you when you say Chase.

If you are holding him and he is tired he puts his arms up underneath himself like he does when he sleeps.

I love when he plays with my wedding ring.

I love his giggles.


  1. He is adorable! My favorite is the video of him trying to crawl. Too cute!

  2. Time sure does go fast doesn't it?! You have an adorable family and blog!!

  3. OMG those two videos are absolutely adorable! Love the "bowling"

  4. 7 months?! wow! time flies. he's such a cutie. :)

  5. So cute!! Also, Apple Hill is great!

  6. He's getting so big and so freakin cute.

  7. I can't believe it's already been 7 months!! Wow! He's getting so big!

  8. haha, so cute!! I think since this post, he got the crawling down right?