Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas decor

It is our first Christmas in our new house and it was so fun decorating it! Somehow we ended up with the color/theme of red, white, silver, snowflakes.
Coffee table in living room. You can't tell the candle holders are snowflakes. The friends picture is our picture coasters. The Christmas cards scrapbook is a scrapbook of our Christmas cards we send out every year. The baby book is on the shelf below the glass.

Reindeer guy and Christmas throw on loveseat.

Little tree and candle holders in our family room which has turned into "Santa's workshop".

Gotta have Christmas kitchen towels!

A couple cards we just got today. My print from Brittany and a candle.

Candles on dining room table. The dining room table needs more decor!

My janky way to hang the cards up :)

Tree skit.

Christmas countdown Santa!

Merry Christmas welcome mat!

Our tree!

This is our front porch and the tree in the window.

Our stockings.


  1. I post my decor yesterday ! Great minds think alike. I love the print from Brittany!

  2. I love that countdown Santa. How cute! :) Your house is adorable, Meg. Great job!

  3. ADORABLE...I love everything! Where did you get the cute Christmas countdown!!?!

  4. Love your decorations. I'm totally hanging my cards up on ribbons with clothespins!!

  5. Oh I love your fire place and stockings!!

  6. Your decor is adorable, love it. :)

  7. Love your kitchen towels & welcome mat!