Friday, November 4, 2011

Tomorrow is our Christmas card photoshoot! Help me pick my shoes!

Our photographer just had a cancellation for tomorrow morning so it is go time! I am really hoping it doesn't rain! So this is the last decision I need help with. What shoes should I wear? Hubs will be wearing his nice black shoes and since big foot has no shoes he will be in white socks.

#1 Brown boots

#2 Black boots with skinny jeans

#3 Black boots with boot cut jeans

Thanks for all the fashion advice! Can't wait to see the pictures!!! Hopefully Chase does better than today!


  1. #1!!! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. I'm outnumbered, but I like option 3, that way you have the same color scheme. :)

  3. If I said #2 people would die, so it's a good thing I like #1 best as well!

    And side note: Chase is getting SO big!

  4. no. 1 =)

    new follower here. hope you can follow me back