Friday, November 18, 2011


Some of my readers my not know this, but I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 12 years old. I had two amazing teachers in 6th grade that inspired me to pursue teaching as a career. Around this age I started babysitting kids in the neighborhood and thought it was good that I loved kids.

I spent 2 summers volunteering my time helping at a summer day camp. At age 15 I was hired to work as a day camp counselor. I decided in high school I wanted to attend the college where some of the best teachers I know went. I declared my major when I applied. Finished my BA in 4 years and was accepted to the teaching credential program.

Now I'm getting teary eyed. Thinking about how hard I worked. How many tears I shed.

In the state of California, after you work your ASS off getting your teaching credential, they hand you a lovely "preliminary credential". You have 5 years to get a teaching job to do another program to get a "clear credential".

May 2012 is 5 years from when I graduated. I have been a substitute teacher most of the time since I graduated, but the economy sucks right now and there aren't very many jobs. I've also moved 500 miles twice and had a baby.

I don't regret the choices I have made. I could have not moved to San Diego with Hubs and would probably have a teaching job now. I wouldn't have been happy without Hubs. I could have waited to get pregnant but I wouldn't have Chase. We all know he is the best thing I have ever done. I knew when I made these decisions that my dream of becoming a teacher might not come true.

Today I found out there is nothing I can do besides get a job to get a "clear credential". I was hoping to become an online teacher so I could have the best of both worlds. Be with Chase and teach. The online school doesn't offer the program to clear my credential.

I'm feeling pretty discouraged.


  1. sorry to hear :( I hope something works out before your 5 year due least you have been able to spend your days at home with chase (on a positive side of things). I worked long and hard at the job I had for 9 years before having Cullen and leaving was such a hard decision. I'm thankful to be home with Cullen but things sure are different on many aspects.

  2. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that.
    My teaching dreams went up in smoke when I moved to PA and barely any of my credits tranferred. I don't have the time or money now to start back but maybe someday.

  3. :( I'm sorry. Could you teach part-time? Would that give you the credential you need? Every state is such a pain in the ass about their certifications and you have to jump through so many hoops just to get certified.

    I taught for 5 years before I had Landon. I'm so happy to be home with him and wouldn't have it any other way, but it's weird to not be using my degree and just letting my credential sit there. It expires in 2017.

  4. Oh no! Well maybe something will open up and it'll all work out.