Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hold me! My baby is 6 months old!!!!

Well, Chase is half a year old! It has gone by so fast!

This month he started eating rice cereal. We went to a pumpkin patch. He finally started sleeping without a swaddle. He celebrated his first Halloween as a tiger!

We had a Halloween party for his baby friends. All the boys except for Chase were skeletons. Isn't that funny! This month Chase not only started sleeping without his swaddle, he started sleeping on his tummy. Well, actually, his face! Scares me but what can you do? On the 2nd his bff arrived.

Chase started waking up 3 times at night this month. I think he's ready to be eating more solids. We will discuss with doctor on the 7th and probably start on the 8th! I couldn't believe Chase was the only one of his friends that hasn't started eating anything besides cereal. Chase has mastered rolling from belly to back this month. He is a rolling machine! He's also sitting up unassisted for several minutes. He drags objects toward himself. He's starting to get his knees up underneath him. I think most of his friends are saying dada. Chase makes more h and g noises. I think he's passing objects from hand to hand, but its kind of hard to tell. No teeth. I guess my mom and I were late with teeth. I really hope that doesn't mean he is going to need braces like me! I'm totally ok with teeth being late. I hear being bit is no fun!

He learned a lot in his 5th month and it was a really fun month! Can't wait for all that is up ahead!


  1. 6 months went SO fast! I remember when you tweeted that he was born!

    I am in no rush for Landon to get teeth because if he bits me a lot during nursing, I don't know how long I'd be able to continue it. Ouch!

    I've given Landon cereal, green beans, and peas. Just a warning: they cause horrible gas, at least for Landon! He does silent-but-deadlys all the time!

  2. The time goes SO fast, huh?! He is such a cutie!!

  3. He's getting so big! I can't believe he's already 6 months old. He looks like such a sweet boy!

  4. Happy 6 months!!

    So many thoughts about your post...first, J was one of the last in his daycare class to start solids other than cereal too. Thought that was kind of odd. Also, the food will help him sleep better {it did for us at least}.

    J sleep on his face too!!! I'm so glad he's not alone. It scares me to death, but he just loves it! And don't worry about the teeth. It's actually better for them to come in later, or so says my orthodontist uncle.

    Welcome, to half-way to one momma!