Tuesday, October 18, 2011

That time of year!

No not fall or halloween, the time of year when I have to go in for my lady visit. All men can probably stop reading now :) There were a few things I wanted to share about my lady visit with my other mom friends.

A couple things I was kind of wondering about before: If you are breast feeding do they still do an exam? Will I leak? The answer is yes, they do an exam and no I didn't leak. You are also supposed to be doing a monthly self exam. It is best to do it after feeding the babe.

I know some of you might be thinking about number two or not using any protection and if it happens it happens. Well, the nurse practitioner today shared this with me, she said my doctor would tell me to stop nursing if I got pregnant. She didn't say specifically why. She was of a different opinion and is pro breast feeding. She mentioned that in her opinion a tiny embryo would get enough nutrients, so maybe doctors tell you to stop breast feeding so the embryo gets all the nutrients it needs. I've seen online that some people stop because the nipple stimulation could cause a miscarriage but she didn't mention that.

The nurse also said that being pregnant does lower your milk supply. I saw online that the hormones might change the taste of the milk too. Since your baby may be more interested in solids with your lowered supply they might wean themselves.

Just wanted to share what I learned today with you ladies since I know some of us have talked about what we are doing or not doing to prevent number two.


  1. Thanks for sharing...in both places with me :)
    I always forget to do a self exam. I really need to get better at that!

  2. I think everything you've got looks great!!! I'd say whatever bottoms you pick go with the same for everyone!