Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I actually did something I saw on Pinterest!

I saw this on pinterest. It is from this blog.

Supplies you need for our version:

black canvas from Michaels

white paint

white ribbon

double sided tape

a black, orange, and silver sharpie

We decided to trace Chase's socked feet with a silver sharpie instead of painting his feet. Easier on his skin and for clean up. We drew eyes with the silver sharpie and then painted the ghost white. I wrote on the white ribbon with black and orange sharpie. Then we used the double sided tape to tape the ribbon to the canvas. Easy peasy!!!

My mom and I traced our feet for this one but our feet were bigger than the 9x12 canvas so we cheated a little. My foot is way bigger than my mom's. It's not to scale, oh well!


  1. This turned out so good! I've got to do something like this for J!

  2. this is SO cute!! adorrrrable!

  3. how stinkin' cute!! love it!!! i need to make a craft with cullen's cute feet and/or hands soon!

  4. omg how adorable :) i loveeee Pinterest! If you're interested I'm giving a Starbucks Gift card on my blog! Check it out :) xo