Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mom questions

Ok I have a few questions but I thought I'll blog them instead of tweet.

Thank you to everyone that tried giving us advice about getting Chase to sleep. We finally got him to sleep by putting him in his crib in his room. I think the pack and play wiggling when he moved around was freaking him out. I think he likes the sturdiness of his crib. Anyone else's baby not like sleeping in the pack and play? Don't know what we are going to do when we travel. Do hotels have regular cribs? I was stressing about when we would move him to his room but he made that decision for us. Where do you nurse if your baby doesn't sleep in your room? I went in the guest room and I guess if we have guests I'll go in our room. I hope hubs felt rested!

I fed Chase from 8-9 and finally got him to sleep in his crib at 10. He didn't wake up until 2am to eat! Is that ok? He has been waking up gassy at like 5am. I don't know what happened this morning since he was in his room and wasn't crying. I went and got him at 6:15 and he was grunting with gas. I fed him at 6:30 and he's still doing occasional grunts now and just pooped at 7:30. Do any of you have babies that wake up a ball of gas? Should I use gripe water? When? Where do you buy it? I feel like he is so gassy he forgets he is hungry.

Is cabbage for sore nipples or engorgement? I bought some thinking it was for sore nipples, I don't want it to affect my supply.

Chase has a diaper rash. We've been putting desitin on it and I think it's getting better. Do any of you let your boys hang out with no diaper to heal a diaper rash? Seems too risky!!!

I think that's it! Gotta go change him!


  1. It's Totally normal for them to sleep that long, that's great! If he is really gassy, try looking at your diet, and staying away from spicy foods, and heavily flavored things (like garlic and onion). I always fed Addaline in the rocking chair in her nursery. Try gripe water yes, you can get it at any drug store. Hotels have regular cribs that you can use. Addaline wouldn't sleep in pack and play either! Hope this helps!

  2. I got a nipple salve for soreness that was awesome & safe for Kate. I prob wouldn't try the cabbage just because I had so much success with it when I was engorged :)

    Before she was mobile, I let Kate air out on a bunch of towels. When she peed it was easy to clean up. Maybe you could use a peepee teepee or something and lie him on his back?

    And Kate has been in her own room and crib at night since week 2. I have a rocker in there where I nursed her, but occasionally would go to the couch or office so I could watch a movie. In my experience, hotels & cruise ships typically provide pak 'n plays as cribs, and she did fine...mostly because she was to exhausted to care!

  3. My pediatrician told us that babies can sleep as long they want at night without needing to be fed as long as they are still growing and gaining weight. I'm sure Chase is fine, so I say let him sleep!!

    Trace had lots of gas issues. I'd say make sure to get a big burp out before you lay him down and that should help with gas waking him up. It also gets easier as his system develops. Your diet could help the gasiness too, as someone above me pointed out. I'm not good at that knowledge though. ;)

    Trace wasn't crazy about pak-n-plays either, until he was about 5 months old. He does fine now! Hotels sometimes have p-n-p, sometimes a crib. We usually bring our own p-n-p so that it's familiar and smells like home anyways. Unless we are flying, then we use the hotels'...which he hated in Florida. Rory never had an issue.

    You're doing great, Meg!

  4. The only answer I know since I don't have a baby yet (soon hopefully!) is that cabbage is for engorgement.

  5. Try Mylicon drops. I used it for my son when he was a baby and it was my saving grace. My pediatrician told me it was okay for babies to sleep as long as they want because they will wake up when they're hungry. It shouldn't be a problem as long as he's gaining weight. I wish I would have stuck to my guns about sleeping when my son was a baby because he just started sleeping in his own bed last week (and he's 4 by the way!).

  6. Sleeping 4 hours in great! That's what our Henry does. out doctor told us to get Oval D. They are gas drops you give at each feeding. We fund that it didn't make Henry less gassy...but it stopped the pain that used to come with gas. So now he just farts away on his own!

    I've used gripe water too. I find it only works sometimes.

    We let Henry have naked tummy time after a bath in front of our fireplace (to keep him warm). We just put him on a yoga mat so if he pees it's easy to clean up!

    Lansinoh- that's what I use for sore nipples. I thin cabbage is for engorgement and I'm 100% sure it won't effect your supply. :)

  7. Oh and Oval D and grope water can be found in the baby isle of any pharmacy! Our grocery store (safeway) even has them in the baby section.