Friday, May 27, 2011

Boob Tube Babble!!!

This week was tough around here. Chase was having trouble sleeping in his pack and play in our room and we didn't want him getting in the habit of sleeping with us. Luckily we figured out that he LOVES his big boy crib and now my little man is back to being all smiles and I have gotten enough sleep! I did manage to watch a few shows.

Bachelorette- I'm not really a fan of Ashley's. I'm watching cause I don't have anything else to watch right now and want to know who the crazy people are in case they end up on my fave show, Bachelor Pad. Here are my thoughts on this week's Bachelorette: Good looking guys, lots of interesting stories. I love that someone warned Ashley about Bentley! Drama before the limo arrives makes me happy! The hairstylist guy has bad hair. Could they figure out a less awkward way to meet everyone? The awkwardness kills me! The mask guy is weird! Ashley thinks being picked up is sweet, I would be freaked out!

Friday night lights- I'm loving the story line about Julie and the married teacher!

The Voice- I'm over the battle rounds. What's next?

Pregnant in Heels- The Dad that had no clue was so cute! I love how he fell in love with that little girl! Also love that Rosie was able to get pregnant again. Did not love what they named their baby!

16 and pregnant- Why was it 90 mins long? Because the girl was anorexic and went to the hospital for being light headed?

Real housewives of oc- I'm behind on this show. I was waiting for hubs to watch with me but I ran out of shows to watch. We don't get to watch tv in the evenings anymore! I guess I'll save my comments from the show from three weeks ago, no one can remember that long ago.

American Idol- I didn't watch this season because of the new judges. I'm kind of bummed that I didn't watch. I love country music and feel like I would have loved Scotty and Lauren. The View talked about the finale this morning and I saw all your tweets. I wish they talked about the kiss on the view!

What did you watch this week? Link up with Neely and me!


  1. Super sads Preggo in Heels is sooooo sad

  2. It was crazy Michelle who warned Ashley!

    I totally agree on the Voice. I have some favorites but the battle rounds are boring me.

  3. I missed 16 and Pregnant, but I saw on twitter there was a girl who was anorexic. That is just sad. Pregnant in heels- I liked the dad too. Was it this week that one of the moms was like, we opted for a scheduled csection? Like, they just got to pick that for no reason?

  4. I'm so over the battle rounds on The Voice!

  5. I would really like cable so I knew what the hell was going on!!!

  6. I didn't watch the Bachelorette. I couldn't stand Ashley on the Bachelor so I'm actually boycotting her season lol. Oh man.. that kiss on Idol! I know they say their not dating but I think they are!