Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your shopping list for my bday

My mom reminded me the other day that someone has a birthday coming up...


We actually went shopping and I already got some super comfy, much needed, slippers!

Here is the link if you want to get some.

Some other things on my bday list are:

-gray towels for downstairs bathroom
-crib (gotta throw in something off the baby registry)
-maternity tank tops
-costco pillows (King size)
-King size bed (a girl can dream right?)
-Nuddle (my bloggy buddy Neely introduced me to this blanket. I don't know how I can live without the "coziest blanket ever"!

-black socks
-cut, style, and make-up by our hair dresser that did my hair and make-up for our wedding, for baby shower

Pretty exciting birthday list huh? I'll be turning 25 again Feb 1st! Put it on your calendar!


  1. My birthday's on Thursday (13 Jan) and I haven't dared to make a list this year. Christmas leaves everyone broke and all the New Year's resolutions has everyone feeling depressed. Great timing, Mom! Will put your birthday in my calender for sure ;)

  2. The pocket for the feet is GENIUS. I'm gonna need a Nuddle. Stat.

  3. Im telling you girl my nuddle and I have a very close relationship. When Chad and I were together it went with me to his place every weekend. YOU NEED ONE!

  4. That version of the snuggie looks pretty awesome!