Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well hello there!

Two wonderful men came over to our house on Saturday. The first to ring our doorbell was from Comcast! He was there to set up our internet! The second was from Directv! He was there to set up out tv!

Let's talk about the house for a minute. I would show you pictures but then Neely would get herself in debt flying out to organize it because she wouldn't be able to sleep at night after seeing how many boxes we still need to unpack. It is a tri level house, meaning we have a main level with kitchen, living room, dining room. Then we have an upstairs with bedrooms and bathrooms. But we also have a level lower than the main level that has laundry, a bathroom, and this big room. My thoughts were if we didn't put a tv in that room we would never use it. The in laws also came up with a place to put a bar. It is now refered to as the man cave. I mostly don't care what goes on down there.

Now, the bar was covering the one cable outlet in the room. I heard the cable guy and Hubby discussing where to put the modem and router and had to step in quickly because they were talking about putting it where I plan to put my wine rack! So I fixed that problem. The other problem is we have a laptop and it makes things a heck of a lot easier if we are wireless. We were all set to go with the tvs, we went and bought a second one Saturday morning so it would be there for the directv guy, but we hadn't put much thought into the internet. I found an old wireless router we had never been able to get to work in Hubby's desk drawer. The first time I have been glad he is a hoarder. #1 problem, couldn't find the power cord! #2 problem, no idea what the password or anything is. Can you believe this angel sent to us from Comcast found a power cord that worked in his truck and was able to go to dell.com and set up a security password for us?! I know, angel!
Now, the Directv did some remodeling of our house, or what sounded like it, to get the ginormous hd dish attached to the house. He also had a make a hole in our wall and almost drilled through pipe. But everything is set up and only has one little weird issue that it doesn't obey you when you push buttons. It likes you to push buttons you don't actually want for a little while first. But whatevs I can catch up on the shore, teen mom, and bachelor. So my heart is happy again and I think in a few years I may be able to get the directv guy to come back and make more holes in different walls so I can have a big family room because I'm not loving the way it is currently set up.
I'm glad I was able to find time to blog today. I've been substitute teaching like every day since we moved into the house. I am trying to tell myself that I should be working while I still can. Gotta save up some money for all the things we want to do to the house and things to make it pretty. I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and sore throat so my amazing husband said take the day off. He really is amazing you guys, I thought his expectations would be higher for the whole move and unpacking but he's been great. So I tell myself resting is sleeping in and catching up on the bachelor. I'm going to have to do stuff around the house because I can't live like this anymore! I need to see a light at the end of the tunnel!!


  1. Yey for internet and TV!! And, glad you are able to work so much! I know you probably dont want to, but just think about the money for all the stuff you want :)
    AND, Did you have Directv before? We got it when we bought our house in May, 2007 and we have been COUNTING down the days for the contract to end THIS May and to get rid of them and NeVER go back. They charge almost $500 to end the contract early, so we have just been suffering through it. Due to an immense amount of b*tching from me, they have made a few things better...So, glad they are better on the West Coast than they are here!

  2. ps, I meant May, 2009, not 2007! haha May, 2007 is when we got married.

  3. Having internet and tv are great when you haven't had it! My husband didn't have internet for two weeks when he first moved in. He hated it.

  4. Glad the Comcast guy was able to help you out! Ours never seem to have the answers we need. Haha

  5. Yay for Internet and TV! (Both of which I am using right now!)

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