Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two books finished in 1 day!

Its incredible difficult to find things to blog about when you are UNEMPLOYED!

I wish my days were filled with outings, shopping, and sun bathing. I feel guilty doing these activities. I feel like I should be spending 10 hours a day searching for jobs.

Due to the fact that I've only got a few more steps in my process of getting a job, the hunting has slowed considerably. So I have allowed myself to read.

I had to wait several months for the 4th book in the Twilight series. I know, I know. Twilight? Really? Yeah, I love the books! Two years ago some tweens that I worked with were gushing about this hot vampire and I thought, "Um, these girls are so sad". Now I do not, as these girls did, want to date Edward. I am all for following their lifestyle, if it was possible, and becoming a vampire. Anyways, when more and more people became obsessed with these books I gave in and read the first one. I read it in a weekend. I got the 4th book on Monday and finished it Thursday. 900 pages.

Then when I turned Breaking Dawn in today, Jenny McCathy's Belly Laughs was waiting for me. Its 165 pages. Finished it in 2 hours.

Now back to reading Michael J. Fox's 2nd book and after that a Janet Evanovich.

Happy reading!

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