Friday, May 15, 2009

Jon and Kate plus 8

I am a huge fan of the show Jon and Kate plus 8. I think their kids are so cute. They say the funniest things. What is going on in the media with them right now is devastating. At dinner tonight with my friend Nicole we both admitted that all of this is breaking our hearts. To go from watching this family fly to hawaii last season and renew their vows to show their children that they are always going to be together to now she is on the cover of people saying they might split up? The big shocker for me is that her brother is coming out saying negative things about her. I don't know what family would do that to each other.

It seems like time and time again these people go on a reality show and then it ruins their life. Do you think maybe its time to stop going on reality shows people? The new season of Jon and Kate starts on memorial day and TLC is saying its their story in their words but I heard they aren't really going to discuss their problems on the show. We will see and only time will tell. As Curtis said, "How can you get a divorce when you have that many kids?" Don't know and like they said on the radio child support for 8 kids is gonna be expensive!

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