Thursday, May 14, 2009

Getting in shape

As I said in my first blog I am trying to get in shape for my honeymoon. I think we all know that "I want to look great in a bikini" feeling. I have weighed about the same for the last seven years or so. I can remember a time in college when I was dancing every day. My aol instant messenger even said if I am not here I'm probably at Acker because I had classes there all day long. I stepped on the scale at this time and saw the highest weight I've ever seen. Now I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I don't like the number I see! After Curtis and I got engaged we got a really bad flu, no not the swine flu, but he had a 103 temperature at one time. I weighed myself after being sick and I was about 6 pounds lighter than I am now. So obviously since being sick I have gained 6 pounds. 6 pounds in about 2 or 2 1/2 months of watching calories and increasing my cardio! Why is this happening?

I got a magazine yesterday and one of the tid bits in it was if you struggle with losing that last 5 pounds that you are genetically supposed to have them. I feel like thats just going to give people an excuse to give up on losing those last five pounds. I also don't know what my last five pounds would be. My mom and dad went on a cruise and had all these crazy body fat tests done or something and they told them how much weight they need to lose so my mom reached her goal they set for her which is so great. I need someone to tell me how much weight I need to lose.

Planning on going to the lake today and maybe doing these ab moves

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  1. It really shouldn't be about weight. Especially if you are doing a lot of muscle building activities. It is all about waist size and how your clothes fit.

    I get on the scale everyday but I don't sweat the number unless it is going up steadily. I worry about how my clothes fit.

    I always keep track of my waist size because I go back and forth between cardio and muscle building.

    Don't ever give up. Just keep it up. Eat right and exercise everyday. Trust me on this I would know ;)