Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kyle and Austin are 16 months

   I have been blogging and trying to remember everything with Chase starting school. You two monkeys have been up to a lot that I don't want to forget either!
   Now that you are 16 months and big brother has school twice a week our morning nursing sessions have ended. It was time and you've given me a couple nights of ok sleep or going back to sleep after I rub orajel on your molars so we are done. I was a little sad but mostly happy.
   Austin aka Chunky Monkey is still a chunk. You are hilarious too. Last night I was telling Daddy about our dance party with Grandma and your crazy legs and turns and running around the kitchen island. I love you so much. You are such a snuggler. You love when Grandma comes because she will hold you.

 Your zip up jammies are always unzipped. I like that Grandma said you do it to give your belly more room. You are still ball obsessed. You are still dramatic. You love to play peekaboo. You love to read books. You love to sit in the weirdest things.

  We have been hanging out at Nana and Papa's pool since its summer and hot. You are pretty content to float around a splash a little. You even try to kick your legs.

 We think you are starting to say some words. Papa sounds like Baba and you make a ch sound for Chase. You love to cheers and say a chss sound. Oh the kisses from you! Amazing!
   Kyle Crocodile, I think you are getting your bottom molars and it is making you a little pissy lately but my goodness you let us know when you are frustrated! You aren't so content to float in the pool. You think you can swim and/or drink the water. You are always trying to get out of everyone's arms and the floatie. You are still our smallest child. You are still high maintenance and usually end up in Mama's arms. You are still the first to smile at strangers and recently someone called you the sweet one. It made both your grandmothers laugh. Oh, I didn't write a blog update when you graduated from therapy! Your neck is looking awesome. I still see a tilt every once in awhile but we have the tools and resources and think it will continue to improve. Oh my Kyle, when you do something silly and crack yourself up nothing brings a bigger smile to my face. You love being silly. You don't seem to attempt as many words as Austin. But you do talk in your own little language. You love to talk on the phone. Oh Kyle, you love to vacuum!

  You are a big fan of kissing too. You have your own little Kyle dance move spin around with one arm out. You finally started clapping. You love to run. You still love cars and planes and helicopters and dinosaurs. You love to cheers too. You are a daredevil. You fell off the retaining wall in the backyard and got a nasty bruise on your forehead. You love to eat sand. You put a lot of stuff in your mouth. You love to eat books.

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