Thursday, June 25, 2015

First week of school

   You are snoozing on the floor in the family room in a "camping ship" aka fort after your first week of school.
   After two days of school you are still working on learning your teacher's name. Today when we ask you what your teacher's name is you say, "Teacher or Miss Harriet". That's Daniel Tiger's teacher's name. You like to watch the TV show Daniel Tiger. I just introduced you to Barney this week and you told me today you didn't want to turn it off because you needed to learn.
   From what you have told me about your day it sounds like you keep lining up when the kids are lining up to go to the other teacher's class.
   You have said a couple times you only want to make two or three friends. Today you said you had four friends. You said someone asked you how old you are.
   Day 1 you painted scales on a fish with celery and put rice on a starfish.
  I can't tell you how much I love your very first school art projects! You said you made two jellyfish on the second day. I think we might have to give one to Grandma.
   On day 2 you said you played with dinosaurs and one boy had a lot and didn't want to share with you but a girl shared with you and there were two triceratops. You said you waited patiently and eventually they went to play with something else and you got to play with the dinos. You said you looked at books in your classroom and there was a shark book like yours and a dolphin book. You said you sang songs that you didn't know. One about a train.
   You love school. You said you want to go every day. In the morning 30 minutes before we had to leave you said you were ready to go to school. In the car on the way to school you said you missed your school.
   Your teacher says you are doing great and that makes us so proud! Love you buddy! Keep up the great work!

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