Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dear baby b, you were your brother's first favorite

33 weeks pregnant tomorrow and having a hard time sleeping. Getting up to go to the bathroom and getting back in to bed right before your husband's alarm goes off is the worst!

I am enjoying getting up before Chase and having a little time to myself to eat my cereal and blog.

I mentioned it on facebook and twitter but Chase totally has a favorite brother already. For awhile he has said that baby b (he calls him by his name) is in his tummy. Yesterday kind of sealed the deal on the whole favorite thing. He wanted to help me pack my hospital bag and was all ready to go to the hospital. I told him the babies decide when it is time to go and probably won't be for another month or so. Later I asked him if he wanted to go to the grocery store. He said no, I want my baby. He calls blankets babies so I didn't know if he was cold. Then he said, "I want my baby, (baby b's name). See, he has a favorite!

He seems to understand that there are two babies. He will tell you if there are one or two things so that seems to be a concept he understands. Last night at dinner he was saying two brothers, two boys. My first instinct was to worry a little bit that baby b is the early favorite but this morning I can laugh about it. I'm sure my three boys will all have different relationships with each other and all I can do is try to help them develop. It is an interesting family dynamic we have been handed but I know God planned it this way.

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  1. All three of them are going to have such a wonderful relationship I can already tell. :)