Sunday, September 15, 2013

The light of our life

It's Sunday morning and we just finished a lovely big breakfast made by my amazing husband. Before I start the dishes I just wanted to write down how much joy my big boy has been bringing me. A tweet or facebook status update just wouldn't do it justice.

While Hubby was making breakfast Chase said, "I'll help you." This is one of his favorite phrases and it just makes my heart smile every time he says it. He always wants to help and I try to encourage it as much as possible.

Yesterday afternoon Chase woke up from his nap and Hubby was outside and he kept saying, "See Daddy?". So I took him outside. He helped pull a few weeds, another favorite activity silly kid. Then he want to mow the lawn. Hubby needed to mow the lawn so they mowed together. Chase even puts his play shoes on for mowing. He followed right behind Hubby the whole time. The cute about killed me. In the moment when he stopped to spit in the grass I was overwhelmed by the amount he wants to be like his Daddy. The mowing, the spitting, the peeing standing up. Such a Daddy's boy.

I love our weekends together and Chase continues to bring us so much joy. Just trying to soak them all up before things get crazy when the twins arrive!


  1. He is such a precious boy! :)

  2. Quinn is really entering that stage now too. He wants to do everything just like his daddy. I love it so much!

  3. : )
    WEEKENDS ARE THE BEST! THEY go by much too quickly. Only 6 more Mondays left for me :) haha. but its not just about me- its the family time. Yesterday early evening I was in the kitchen canning stuff and I had the window open and could hear A&A outside and she was just non stop chatting and I would hear Andrew laugh a lot- it was a good half hour of pure comedy...but also mixed with a happy heart. I hear you :)