Monday, September 16, 2013

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

I'll be 16 weeks on Wednesday which means I will schedule my 20 week ultrasound for 4 weeks from Wednesday which means we have picked a date for the gender reveal party! I have been thinking about this party for a long time. I see a lot of people doing the cakes/cupcakes or the balloons in a box and I wanted to come up with some different ways for the gender of the babies to be revealed. Here are some of the ideas I have come up with:
  • Sparklers- I have no idea if they make sparklers in different colors but I thought that would be a neat idea.
  • Fire works- Again, totally don't know if this is possible but was an idea I got around 4th of July.
  • Snake in a can- You know those prank cans that pop stuff out. I thought it would be cool if they made those with different colors inside.
  • Confetti present- I made this list awhile ago. I guess I was thinking a box full of confetti?
  • Balloon drop- I thought it would be fun if the balloons dropped instead of were in a box.
  • Fortune cookie
  • First child's diaper- obviously a clean one but thought that might be a funny way to include the first kid.
  • Piñata- with balloons or confetti or both or colored candy
  • Write it on the first child's diaper- Have the kid actually wearing the diaper with the gender on it and the parents have to pull their pants down or something.
  • Have the first child tell you
  • Ball drop
  • A present with gender specific clothes, toys, bibs, shoes, etc.
  • Silly string- Can you buy silly string in different colors? The parents and or first kid can spray each other with the colored silly string.
  • Have a big stork it's a boy or it's a girl balloon in box
  • First child's toy box filled with balloons
Those are a few of my ideas I haven't seen other people do. Do you have any creative ideas?


  1. I'm not creative at all but I really love all of these ideas.

  2. Whew, you have a lot of ideas! Sounds like lots of fun! May be two sexes :)

  3. will there be a party? Who is going to know in order to make/get the props needed?
    I don't like the pull down the pants on older child idea! ha

  4. how about an airplane in the sky with a sign :)
    I kid, I kid. Let me think.

  5. I like the toy box filled and I really like the traditional colored icing inside the cake or colored cake :)

  6. We had a gender reveal party a few years ago right when the trend was hitting. We did a good ole fashion pink and blue party. :) We had everyone where the color of the gender they thought it was and we put blue gumballs in cupcakes to show it was a boy!