Thursday, July 25, 2013

Click Chicks: Sports

This week's challenge is sports.

So why am I showing you a picture of my adorable niece Maddisen Leigh that was born on 7/19? Well, I'll get to that. I think I took this picture in manual. One of my struggles a "photographer" is taking pictures in manual when things are crazy. When we are on vacation or in a rush I switch it to auto because it is just easier.

The night Maddisen was born I took a few pictures in manual but the lighting was so low that I just switched to manual and flash! I know I cringe!

Anyways, back to sports. One of my instagram friends  noticed the Giants game on in the background of this picture.

Maddisen's parents are pretty big Giants fans. My sister-in-law even said she was late. She was born at 7:20pm and the game started at 7.
Her uncle made sure she got a good view of the tv and watched her first Giants game less than an hour after she was born.


  1. I love how you worked sports into the baby post ;) She's adorable! Congrats auntie!

  2. Haha, loved how you squeezed sports into this challenge. Kudos :)