Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeding a texture sensitive toddler

If you have been a long time reader, you probably know that I am a picky eater. My Uncle wrote a post about it 2 years ago when I was marrying Curtis. Well, my parents are loving that I get a taste of my own medicine in my little boy.

A few weeks ago Chase decided he didn't want to be spoon fed any more. He has always been sensitive to food textures. He gagged on a lot of foods the first time he tried them. If there was ever a chunk in any food I made him he would find it and spit it out. So finding finger foods that my texture sensitive boy will even bring near his mouth has been a challenge. He's doing so much better now and his list of foods that he eats is growing. I have to share what has worked for us for other moms out there and his buddy Cullen's mom, Annie :)

Annie actually suggested one of Chase's faves, grilled cheese!

He loves to share a pear with Daddy.

Like most kids Chase is a Cheerio-a-holic.

He loves bread. He likes to suck on mandarin oranges or Cuties. He likes quesedillas. We have chicken quesedillas about once a week and share with Chase. I think he's tried the chicken a couple times.

He shared a Morning Star veggie burger with his Grandpa. He ate some sauteed zucchini from one of our dinners.

I also like to give him variety at breakfast and just got him some frozen Kashi waffles that he likes.

One of the pages I follow on Facebook is called Fearless Fedding and my friend Alyssa mentione in one of their posts that she needed lunch ideas and I commented that I did as well. They suggested tuna salad, egg salad, and different meats in the sandwiches. We aren't big tuna salad or egg salad people so I'm not sure about trying those. We've tried roast beef and ham and he doesn't even try them.

Do you have any lunch ideas for us to try? I guess I should check out those toddler lunch pins I pinned after I post this huh?


  1. veggie and fruit packed smoothies? good for his toofers coming in, too. Peanut butter toast. Avocado. Hard boiled eggs.Soft boiled carrots, cheese sticks, scrambled egg, mashed potatoes,rice, plain noodles. Flavored oatmeal
    (quaker ones!)muffins, apple sauce, mini fruit cups. Just a few things I can think of. He was showing his Independence yesterday so I'm thinking give him a variety that he can pick up and he's sure to try some new things.

  2. haha- love the pictures. A's favorite foods are chicken and salmon. She likes to suck the juices out before she chews them. Its weird. For lunches, I send these things...not all at once but a few a day: a plain coconut milk yogurt (the sitter used to feed it to her but now she uses her spoon), flat bread with hummus spread on it, now that she is 1, flat bread with almond butter like a pb sandwich, cooked veggies- Any and all, cherry tomaotoes cut in half, left over dinner, penne pasta, banana, avacado, pears, apples, chick peas, veggie burgers, turkey meatballs I make...hmm im sure there is more. good luck!

  3. I am a picky eater, too - I have really weird food things. Like I pick apart chicken and only eat what looks good to me, I don't eat rinds on lunch meat, etc.