Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday on a Budget part 2

I thought I would update you on how the birthday on a budget is going. I know it doesn't look like I've bought much from the picture, but I thought I would save the favors as a surprise. Actually, they are in the garage and I'm too lazy to go get them. Anyways, I bought another pack of invites because we have a ginormous family! I also bought a tablecloth, a set of baseball bases, a pack of paper and the favors.

I had a hard time finding a birthday bib I liked. I of course debated custom made again. I also thought a gender neutral bib that our other future children could use for their first birthdays might be cute. I like the one I found at Carter's because it just says Birthday Boy so he could wear it for all his birthdays! The best part? I looked at the tag and figured $10 was ok. As I was walking again I noticed a 50% off sign above where I had just grabbed the bib so I thought I might get lucky. When I looked at the total of $3.75 I was shocked! That price was so good my friend Tiffany had to grab one for her 6 month old!

Part 1
3) 10 packs of invites $3
1 happy bday banner $1
1 popcorn thing $1
1 allstar fabric banner $2.78
1 batter up t shirt $10.99
total $18.77

1) 10 pack of invites $1
1 set of baseball bases $1
1 tablecloth $1
Party favors $10
construction paper (I don't know where the receipt for this is I'll get back to you)
1 birthday boy bib $3.75
total $16.75



  1. NICE! I love getting good deals!

  2. Nice! I like how you said he can wear that big for ALL his birthdays! lol. How many birthdays do you think he will be bib wearing for?

  3. Wow! You're doing great on keeping the budget down!