Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Man gifts on sale until Nov. 13th!

I have started holiday shopping! I thought I would share with you all what I just bought for Hubby for Christmas. He doesn’t read the blog so don’t worry. I know how hard it can be to come up with good ideas for gifts for the men in our lives. Plus, I bought stuff that is on sale this week at target so you gotta go out and buy it now too! How many of you have blu ray players? We love ours, but never buy a movie if it isn’t on sale, those things are expensive at full price!

My brother-in-law and husband have a very similar sense of humor, probably because they are brothers. So when bil tells us about a movie or tv show that is funny, we usually put it on our list. Last year he told us we had to see Couples Retreat. Have you seen it? So funny! I put it on a Christmas list for Hubby awhile ago. (Funny story: I found the list in my wallet when we were driving one day and started reading it out loud because I didn’t know what it was, stupid!) Anyblonde, I frequent the target sale ads and was so excited to see that the blue ray Couples Retreat was on sale for $14.99! The sale price lasts until the 13th so don’t go on Sunday thinking it will be on sale!

When I went to grab the movie, I noticed there was a little coupon stuck to the movie that said you could save $4 right now if you bought Role Models, 40 year old virgin, knocked up and some other movie I think. I am notorious for getting home and having those little coupons still stuck to my items. I always forget to use coupons. But there was no way I was going to forget to use this one. At first I was thinking well we have 40 year old virgin and knocked up already, oh well. Then I looked at Role Models. I don’t remember the previews for it but Paul Rudd is in it and I love me some Paul Rudd. Plus it was at a temporary price cut of $13.

So when I got to the register the girl removed the boxes from their prisons and I pointed out the coupon to her (are they trained to ignore those coupons?). Come to find out the coupon expired in March. She gave me the $4 off anyways because, hello, how am I supposed to know when it expires when it is in a cage? I told her they should go take the coupons off if they are expired. I’m sure she’ll get right on that. PLUS, did you all know that if you use your target card you get 5% off right away? I love that! So you should head on over to target and pick up those funny movies! I don’t know how much Couples Retreat is regular price and the bunny and I already wrapped the presents. But I am proud of myself for bargain shopping.

Hubby got home when Blue and I were wrapping and I told him not to look. I was so excited that I had already started Christmas shopping. Then Hubby said, “Are those for my birthday?” Uh… oops! I totally forgot about his birthday December 2nd! FAIL!



  2. They have the same humor as me! I loved Role Models and 40 Year Old Virgin, Steve Carrell (sp?) is hilarious. Great gifts. :D

  3. I dont think I have seen Role models, but Couples Retreat was kind of painful. I wish Andrew liked Movies...I have his Birthday AND Christmas coming up. I will probably go boring and just get him things he needs but never buys like undies and his favorite (expensive) deoderant! :) I need to get looking for sales though!

  4. Role Models was could but Couples Retreat to put it nicely, sucked. You think it would be good with all those funny people in it but not so much.

  5. Hey! I just noticed you are following my blog, so I wanted to stop by and say hi and check out yours. Have a good night! :)