Friday, November 19, 2010

The deets!

I can FINALLY fill you in on the details of our move! Some of you may know that we currently live 545 miles from my parents and even farther from Hubby’s parents. We moved far away for the job Hubby got when he graduated from college for several reasons. We had no idea we would be in Southern California for 4 years. It was difficult to be away from our families and most of our friends. There were weekends that we didn’t see any friends or family. I have always said I don’t know if our relationship would have taken the path that it has if we hadn’t been alone so far away. I love where we are in our relationship so I definitely have no regrets.

An amazing opportunity we hadn’t planned for came up recently for Hubby to transfer to a job way closer to my parents. Since it was our plan to move back to Northern California eventually he jumped at the opportunity. Of course Hubby was offered the job. Who wouldn’t want him to work for them? So, long story short, we are packing up the bunny and the 800 sq ft of stuff and moving to Sacramento area! I’m so excited to do a Nor Cal blogger meet up! I’m also excited to be close to family and wonderful friends. I don’t know if there will be any more lonely weekends. You might remember I have a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins. It would probably take me a year to go see all of them, but I’m going to try. Thinking about trying to see everyone kind of stresses me out, gonna need to get a planner going just for scheduling visits with friends and family. But the stress of moving and trying to see everyone is so so worth it. I don’t think it has set in for either of us that we are really going back home.

We will miss a lot of things in San Diego. We have made great friends and become closer to some we already had. There are some wonderful places to eat here and obviously beautiful weather and beaches. Plus the little things like our favorite checker at the grocery store and the guy that hooks us up at the car dealer.

Now on to Friday Fives!

1. Describe your IDEAL Saturday.

Waking up feeling rested. I think I finally figured out I need like 9 hours of sleep to feel rested. I usually get about 8 on weekdays and I have the hardest time getting out of bed. Thursday we took the day off to get stuff taken care of for the move. We went to bed at 10 and planned on getting up around 7:45. I think around 7 or 7:15 I was up yaking away to the Hubby. I still like just laying in bed though. Last weekend I fell asleep around 8pm and got chatty around 6am. I think I talked his ear off for about two hours and then he finally got up to make breakfast. I love him so much! But for an ideal Saturday how about I wake up rested in a four seasons and our breakfast is being brought to our room. That happened on our honeymoon.

Amazing! Probably the rest of the day would include a yummy beach front lunch and dinner some where.

2. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

Hold onto your jaws people. I don’t like pumpkin pie. I don’t like anything pumpkin, except the seeds. There have been many thanksgivings where my only dessert was cool whip. Totally ok with that. If someone super loved me and wanted to bring a special dessert just for me they would bring a chocolate mousse pie. My mother in law’s chocolate pudding pie works too.

3. What’s one of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

My family goes around the table and shares what they are thankful for. It has lead to hilarity some years but usually warms my heart. Hubby says his family doesn’t do this. Have I told you how amazing my in laws are? When we have thanksgiving with Hubby’s family my parents get to come too! I remember the first year his mom made a toast saying she was glad my parents and grandpa could join them that year. I remember it started a string of toasts and there was an awkward one from someone. I think awkward moments might be a tradition at their house. I can remember a few. The best was when we were all sitting around the table and Hubby’s grandpa asked me if I lived close to Hubby in San Diego (uh yeah we lived together. People have said he knew this but I don’t know if he did). So I just replied yes, I live close to him. My dad and another family friend at the table were dying trying not to crack jokes and laugh. The best tradition is pigging out and being surrounded by love right?

4. Who does the cooking?

Depends what house we go to. My mother in law pretty much rules her kitchen and the bird. Hubby’s aunt usually helps and other ladies bring things. My mom, aunt, and cousin have hosted and cooked for thanksgivings in the past. There was going to be a tradition of the newest bride had to host and cook thanksgiving but my cousin didn’t host it one year but I think she “cooked”. I may have to host in a few years! Scary!

5. Do you shop on Black Friday??

Heck no. Please see #1 and #3. Thanksgiving is about eating and spending time with your loved ones. I’m not going to cut any of that short so I can get crap cheap. The love and laughter is what I will remember when I’m 90 not the deals I got. Plus I like about 9 hours of sleep.


  1. I agree Im not a black friday shopper. Id rather just veg and detox :)

  2. I am glad you are moving closer to your family! I miss mine so much but I am very lucky to have wonderful IL's that are very close, along with load of other extended family...

    I love Black Friday shopping! I usually just hit a few places and then I am done. I love finding good deals! I don't know if I'll shop this year though, maybe I'll check out from my bed :)

  3. I only black Friday shop because of the fun with my friends, it's so funny because I hardly ever buy anything. Haha!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate mousse pie. Mmmm

  4. oh my gosh, i don't like anything pumpkin besides seeds either!!! ha! ;) i love chocolate pudding pie and french silk pie, YUM!!!

    i hope you have a great thanksgiving hun!! :)

  5. I'm so happy we decided to move closer to my fam again, it was hard to be away from them but we miss his mom and sisters.

  6. I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie either!!!! Yuck!
    That's so great about being able to move closer to home!!

  7. I am excited that you are moving back close to family and friends. One of my closest friends moved to San Diego this summer and I miss her,but she seems to love it there- minus the crazy roommate she has now! :)