Friday, February 19, 2016

Austin you are almost 2!

   Oh my big silly boy, I can't believe you are almost a two year old! You are my little Chase never stops talking junior. I can't believe how much you are saying at two years old. Love when you say "right there" and "thank you, mama".
   You weigh about thirty pounds which seems huge to us but I think Chase weighed more when he was two.
   You cuddle and relax more than Ky.
   You have to wear your jammies backwards to sleep now too. When you dance you spin around with one foot. You love shooting baskets. All three of you love jumping on the trampoline. You love to hit the baseball and play catch.
   You are still a very passionate kisser.
   Thank you for being easy sometimes and giving things back to your brothers.
   These two years with you in our family have been crazy and wonderful. We have laughed and kissed and cuddled so much. I look forward to lots more!!!

1 comment:

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