Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Kyle

Kyle the Crocodile with a smile,
   My middle child, the older smaller one, little guy. You, baby a, were always the one giving us problems when you were in my tummy. You would be difficult when they were trying to get certain measurements and lazy during the non stress tests. I watched the video of your birth today. After the nurses cleaned you up, weighed you, and I gave birth to your brother, they wrapped you up and placed you on my chest. You were so calm and content and looking around. I'm not really sure when that changed. You, my sweet boy, can be high maintenance some times.
   You are overall a pretty happy kiddo. You do love to smile at everyone. But if you are unhappy you let us all know. There are times you did not enjoy the car seat. You started off being a mama's boy.
   I hesitate to talk about your torticollis and therapy but it has been such a big part of this year. When I was watching your birth video I pointed out to your daddy your indented jaw. We knew right away that your neck muscle was tight. We started therapy at 12 weeks. That was our special mama and Kyle time. Plus all the time I spent with you at home stretching your neck. You have been awesome in therapy and your neck is getting so much better.
   You think everything Chase does is hilarious. I love watching the three of you play together.
   Daddy and I always wanted 3 babies. We were ready to give Chase a sibling pretty quickly. You and your brother had your own plans, God's plan, and I wouldn't change a thing.
   I thank God every day that he gave me you. I'm so grateful that we were blessed with 3 healthy, adorable and perfect babies. I love that you are a cuddle bug just like your brothers. I'm so lucky that I have been able to stay home with you this year and that you are exclusively breast fed.
   Kyle, I hope you continue to share your smile with the world. I pray you continue to be healthy and happy. You are so loved our middle boy. Happy first birthday!

*maybe some day I will have time to add pictures!

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