Monday, October 20, 2014

Kyle and Austin are 8 months!

It is crazy hard to get a picture of these two on the couch now! 

Didn't help that my settings were kinda off too. This was the best I could do. 

They are both pulling themselves to standing and giving me a heart attack on a regular basis.

Kyle got a top tooth. 

They are in 12 month clothes.

Getting excited for their 1st Halloween!

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  1. Hi Meagan! This is Amy Weston (Tiffany's friend) and I somehow just saw your comment on my blog about Elle's 2-year old birthday cake. Thank you! You are too kind! Yes I made the cake and most of the decorations :). I took cake decorating classes years ago and really only decorate once or twice a year because such a perfectionist and it take some much time, energy, and mess to make one like that! 😄.
    It was so nice to meet you guys and I've enjoyed following you on fb/IG! Your boys are so handsome and cute!
    ❤️ Amy 😉